The Right Supports Censorship More Than the Left Myth

The left supports censorship. Survey results have repeatedly proven this fact. The left wants unfavorable views canceled or censored.

MYTH: The right supports canceling and censorship just as much as the left.

REALITY: This is untrue. Polling data has repeatedly disproven this and displays the opposite.

According to a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey, a majority of Americans (64%) view “cancel culture” as a threat to freedom, while 36 percent did not see it as a threat to freedom.

So, which political party makes up a majority of the 36%? Which political party is responsible for most of the censorship? Which side is less accepting of opposing beliefs?

Well, according to various surveys, Democrats support censorship significantly more than Republicans. Below are various surveys and reviews that display that the left is far more supportive of censorship than Republicans.


According to a 2021 Pew Research survey, Democrats overwhelmingly support government censorship. “Today, 70% of Republicans say those freedoms should be protected, even it if means some false information is published. Nearly as many Democrats (65%) instead say the government should take steps to restrict false information, even if it means limiting freedom of information.”


According to a Rasmussen Reports survey, a majority of Americans (51%) believe social media should allow free speech without any form of censorship. While many Americans believe social media shouldn’t be censored, most Democrats want some form of censorship on social media. While a majority of Americans still think social media sites should permit free speech, most Democrats (57%) want social media to censor speech on their platforms. Democrats believe social media companies should censor posts that might offend someone, while the majority of Republicans (72%) and independent voters (54%) believe social media should support free speech on their platforms.


According to a Cato Institute survey, 50% of participants, that identify as strong liberals, support firing employees who have donated to the Trump campaign; compared to 36%, of self-identified strong conservatives, who support firing those who have donated to the Biden campaign.


According to a survey by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, students identifying as Republican or Independent were more tolerant of speakers of the opposing view than Democratic students. 71% of strong Republicans support Biden speaking at their campus, compared to 49% of strong Democrats supporting Trump speaking at their campus.

In addition, a majority of students (60%) felt that they couldn’t express their political opinions without backlash from other students or professors. Republicans (73%) were the most likely to report self-censorship, while Democrats (52%) were the least likely.


A survey conducted by the Atlantic and the Public Religion Research Institute found that Democrats were more likely to show animosity towards opposing views. 45% percent of Democrats said that they would be displeased if their child married a Republican, versus 35% of Republicans who would be displeased if their child married a Democrat.


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