Joe Biden Falsehood #37

FALSEHOOD #37: Biden falsely claimed that Trump said that immigrants would “carve you up with a knife.”

Biden said, “He (Trump) fomented fears of a caravan headed to the United States and created hysteria when he said, ‘Look, look at what’s marching up. This is an invasion.’ He asserted that immigrants would quote, ‘carve you up with a knife’.”

Biden made this false claim on August 7, 2019, while campaigning in Iowa.

EXPLANATION: This is false. Trump was referring to the violent gang, the MS-13.

On October 2018, Trump, while criticizing Beto O’Rourke, said, “O’Rourke voted against the border wall. He voted against Kate’s law. And he voted for Obama amnesty. O’Rourke even voted to shield MS-13 gang members from deportation. He doesn’t want to deport them. He says they’re people. They’re people. They carve you up with a knife, but they’re people.”


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