Joe Biden Falsehood #21

FALSEHOOD #21: Biden falsely claimed that a 9mm bullet will “blow the lung out of the body.”

He said, “They showed me an X-ray and said a .22-caliber bullet will lodge in a lung, and we can probably get it out and save a life. A 9mm bullet blows the lung out of the body.”

Biden made this false claim on May 30, 2022, while speaking to a reporter.

EXPLANATION: This is false. The caliber of a 9mm is fairly small compared to other caliber rounds and doesn’t inflict the amount of damage Biden suggests.

Lead Stories reached out to the president and chief consultant of Criminalistics Services International, Gregory Laskowski. He wrote, “As originally for military use as a full metal jacketed bullet, the round is designed to penetrate and perforated. It will not blow out lungs or other internal organs in its path through the body. The jacketed hollow point or hollow cavity round typically used by US law enforcement is designed [to] penetrate but not to perforate the human body nor is it designed to blow out or blow-up human organs. It does expand to a greater diameter when striking soft tissue and may yaw and tumble to some extent.”

Breitbart news asked a member of a U.S. Marshal fugitive recovery taskforce, a retired Navy SEAL, and a federal agent about Biden’s claim, and the response among all of them were the same– They all confirmed it was untrue.


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